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  • Органический чай из бутонов роз Rose Bud Tea 50г.

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Органический чай из бутонов роз Rose Bud Tea 50г.

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    Pure whole bud rose bud tea; High fragrance with sweet taste. A calming tea drank in the evening.

    Name: Rose Bud Tea

    Harvest time: 2017

    Picking standard: one rose budding

    Dried tea color: bright light purple with some light beige color

    Shape: plump rose budding shape

    Aroma: natural and fresh rose fragrance

    Taste: natural & smooth rose taste

    Tea soup color: light green

    Certificate of Analysis by Eurofins: (No.: AR-12-SU-011547-09)  View: Certificate Annex  Annex

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    Rose Bud Tea

    Roses are beautiful flowers that have long been associated with love and desire, but roses are more than just good looks. It’s actually possible to brew a health-beneficial tea from rose petals, rose buddings, and rose hips (the very top of the stem where the flower meets the stem). Of course, not every rose is intended for tea. You can’t simply buy a dozen roses from the store and steep them in water. Most commercially grown roses are filled with pesticides. Rose bud tea is specially made with flowers grown naturally and organically. Rose tea is truly a lady’s tea. Not only it has attractive colors, but also its health benefits to ladies. From Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) on, rosebud tea has been widely used drank by the ladies for its many health benefits.


    Health Benefits of Rosebud Tea

    Rose bud tea has many benefits. Not only does it provide many age-fighting antioxidants, it also provides a bouquet of necessary nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin E. But that’s only the beginning. Rose petal tea also acts as an immune booster, a digestive aid, a skin moisturizer, and may also relieve depression and anxiety. It’s also popular with women because it so readily relieves menstrual cramps. Rose bud tea also has mild amounts of natural stimulants which help to keep you alert and awake throughout the day, and it’s much healthier than coffee and sugary energy drinks. 


    Tea Tastes

    This organic rose tea enjoys high, charming rose flower fragrance and taste. After several times brewing, the rose fragrance still fills around the whole house. The taste delicately sits on your tongue for a few seconds after a sip, and many find it absolutely delicious. Some even find the taste to be naturally sweet, but for those who wish for a stronger flavor then, like most teas, honey can be added for a touch of natural sweetness. Our rose tea is very sweet, no bitterness at all. After a long/exhausted exercise, or heavy work, drinking rose tea can relax you and regain energy fast.


    About Herbal Teas

    Teas made from herbs and flowers have been consumed for centuries because of their health benefits and medicinal qualities. In fact, many dieticians find that more nutrients might be absorbed through the body from teas than from vitamin pills. Drinking plenty of tea not only helps your body, but your mind as well. Drinking herbal teas may give you greater amounts of energy, focus, and a sense of wellbeing.