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  • Китайский чай шу пуэр 2011г. \"Long Zhu\" Даи (357г.)

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Китайский чай шу пуэр 2011г. "Long Zhu" Даи (357г.)

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    Type of tea: Ripe Pu Er

    Vintage: 2011(101)batch

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves tea bush

    Producer: Menghai Tea Factory

    N.W: 357g/cake


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    Beeng Cha - Dayi Long Zhu (Dragon Pole) Ripe Pu Erh Tea

    Beeng Cha - Dayi new style "Long Zhu" in a gift box. High quality & classic Menghai tea factory recipe. This recipe is used mainly the buds as the Maocha.

    Mellow and pleasing aroma; bright red tea liquid; after sipping, the rich taste has spread all over your mouth. Super good to private collection and investment. Aged aroma will appear within 5 years.
    Important tips: for brewing Beeng Cha ripe Pu Er tea, the water temparature should be over 95 degrees, based on different kind of Pu Er teas.

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