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Китайские травяные чаи для снижения веса

Health awareness has been highly promoted all over the world because of the rapid growth of the rate of unhealthy people and people mostly with obesity. As per surveyed, U.S is one of the top most country that needs to be closely monitored while Asian countries especially China has the lowest rate of health issues. Supporting it with their death age ranging to 85-100 plus years old. Because of their practices to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it has been known and adapted by most of the countries. One of the habits or practices Chinese people does is using herbal tea for weight loss. The weight loss phenomenon has started when the use of herbal teas has been discovered.

Herbal tea was mainly used for medicinal functions to treat illnesses such as:

• Cancer

• Improve Cardiovascular Health

• Cold Symptoms

• Improve Eye Vision

• Asthma

• Improves Blood Circulation

• Ease Constipation

• Relieve Indigestion

• Reduce Fatigue

• Boosting Immune System

• Heart Disease

• Diabetes

• Weight loss

Drinking Chinese herbal tea has attributed so much in one’s healthy diet because of its numerous natural contents that provides almost a hundred of vitamins in the body. The most common vitamins found in herbal tea are vitamin B, vitamin B-12, vitamin K, vitamin C and more. Though drinking tea hasn’t been prove yet to cure illness or supported with documents, but nowadays it has been used mainly for losing weight. I have drink a lot of Chinese tea and I must say that it is one of the most effective weight loss practices one can do.

There are a lot of variety of Chinese Herbal tea that you can drink for weight loss and include in your daily diet. These are some of the tea and its benefits:

1. Rose Bud Tea. This tea is one of the most common tea that people usually drink because of its soothing effect and its aroma. Aside from reducing weight, rose bud also proven to ease depression, helps in circulation and indigestion. It has been common to women up until now as it helps the regular flow of menstruation and cramps specifically. It is also know in beautifying because it gives more radiant complexion to the skin.

Rose Bud Tea

2. Chrysanthemum. This tea has a delicate, refreshing aroma. Compared to other teas, chrysanthemum also has the same age as of the use of rose bud tea. Though some of the feedbacks says that this tea has a side effects to the body, it is still good and suggested tea for weight loss. For better use and effect, I recommend to visit your nearest doctor for consultation.

Chrysanthemum tea

3. Kuding Tea. Kuding tea also known for its enrichment of natural herbs. According to a research in China, this tea has been used as a medicine to treat various illness such as red eyes, head ache, toothache, diarrhea and etc. However, take note that there is a different process they do when taking this tea as a medicine rather than just using this as an herbal tea for weight loss or healthy diet.

Kuding Tea

4. Pseudo Ginseng. This kind of herb is a kind of root and is used mostly for medicinal purposes. Like any other herbal tea, it is effective in treating illness mainly focusing on stopping or slowing down bleeding and reduce high blood pressures.

Pseudo Ginseng

5. Roselle Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This herb is also known as red tea. One of the common in demand tea and must try is this herbal tea. Knowing of its fact as a refreshing and cooling taste herbal tea. It can be drunk either its cold or hot. Its effect in quenching the thirst has been relatively proven. This, I can say, can be also be considered and competed with rose bud tea in terms of the taste buds of women. Generally, red teas purpose to women is for weight loss.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa

6. Tatary Buckwheat Tea. Buckwheat tea is a kind of different from any other tea because of its generic root which is buckwheat. And yes, this tea mostly has a content of cereal that is proven to also been effective for losing weight and or increasing energy of the body. It is also used as a substitute of bread, pasta and rice for most Asian countries.

Buckwheat Tea

7. Jiaogulan. This herb is also known as a sweet tea. It grows in South Central China and referred to as a “South Ginseng”. Like any other herbal tea, it is also used a medicinal plant.


Aside from the vitamins that we get from drinking tea, there are also other factors that people consider before they try it out and it has been discussed as to how it would negatively affect the body. So to end the confusion here are some other interesting facts about its other contents or effects:

• Caffeine. Caffeine are also known to be very strong content that is proven to increase energy and more like considered as a drug. Other people hesitates to drink tea rather than coffee because they think that tea has a lot of caffeine which is actually not true.

• Allergies. Allergies are normal effect when one’s body does not complement with drinking tea. However, it is just a rare case. But to make sure, it is best to visit a doctor for a proper guidance.

• Sugar Overload. Herbal tea doesn’t have any sugar content. However, if you are actually referring to processed tea offered in the market then that is not a natural tea and yes it has a lot of sugar in it. Natural herbal tea is different with the processed one.

There are many health benefits that one can acquire by drinking Chinese herbal tea. Historically, it was used as a medicine before it has been discovered as a perfect solution for people that is experiencing obesity an unhealthy growth of the body. The amazing thing about this practice of drinking tea every day is that it actually helps not just for a common purpose of weight loss but also for the better function of the muscles in our body. I believe that there are positive and negative effects of food in our body or even the use of different kinds of herbs but taking a natural remedy is very beneficial compared to those processed medicine made in laboratories.

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