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Как сделать китайский зеленый чай

The process of making Chinese green tea is very different from Western Method. This process makes the taste of the green tea better and stronger compared to Western methods of making green tea. In China, it is believed that the type of water and pot you use affect the taste of the green tea. They only use small pots in order to obtain maximum flavor. Apart from this, all the leaves used to make the tea are infused using water derived from the place where the leaves originated. This is also believed to have a positive impact on the taste of the tea.

Methods of Making Chinese Green Tea

1. Using Few Leaves. If you want to make a single cup of green tea, This method will work best and will reduce wastage. For this method, you only need about 5 grams of tea leaves. Place the tea leaves in a small pot. Boil water ( avoid using tap or bottled water as it might affect the taste of your tea) to 80-90 degrees and add it to the pot. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes and pour it into a cup.

2. Using Several Leaves ( serving 5 people). For this method, you will need about 30 grams of tea leaves. Place the leaves in a small pot. Next, boil your water to about 80 degrees making sure not to let it boil too much beyond this temperature. Once the water is ready, pour it into the pot or cup and cover it. Wait about 5 minutes and serve your tea.


There are several things that can affect the taste of your Chinese green tea. These include: quality of water, quality of tea, steeping time, measurement, steeping temperature, whether or not you give the leaf time to expand fully and the separation of leaves from tea. There are several tips you can use to ensure none of these things affect the quality of your green tea.

First and foremost, make sure you use good quality water. You can tell whether or not your water has good quality by how it tastes. If it has a chlorine, metallic or earth-like taste, there is a great likelihood that the taste will be transferred to your tea. This is because water makes up most of your green tea. The best choice of water would be spring water. However, if you happen to have nice tasting tap water, this could work as well.

When making Chinese green tea, it is also very important to ensure you get all your measurements right. It is very important to have a perfect balance between the leaves and the tea. Otherwise, you will end up with an unfavorable flavor. It is advisable to use measuring spoons to measure your leaves in order to ensure you get it right.

The other thing you need to do is keep your water temperatures within the recommended range. Chinese green tea requires water that has been boiled at 80-90 degrees. Cooler or hotter water than this will affect the flavor and quality of your green tea.

Last but not least, choose a pot that has enough room to allow the leaves to expand fully. You need to also allow the leaf to expand up to 5 times its size. The importance of this is the fact that it makes it possible for the flavor to be infused into the water.


- Avoid over steeping the leaves. This will make your tea very bitter.

- Avoid low quality tea leaves

- Avoid using water that was previously boiled. Only use fresh tap or spring water.

- Avoid reheating the green tea over and over again. It might lose its flavor

The difference of making Green Tea Using Chinese methods and Western methods 

There are several differences between making green tea using Chinese methods and Western Methods. First and foremost, when you brew Chinese green tea, there is a lot of concern on the type of water that is used. This is not a concern when using Western methods. To brew tea using Chinese methods you also need to use a small pot. Western methods do not have a specific type of pot for brewing green tea. The brewing time is also shorter when using Chinese methods compared to Western methods. This prevents the tea from having a bitter taste.

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