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Matcha Green Tea Powder Making Process

Matcha green tea powder is made from finely grounded tealeaves. Matcha green tea is planted in Japan and from Japan, it is supplied all over the world. This tea is available in market as an open tea and tea packs and dissolved in milk or water to drink it. Japanese also use this tea on all traditional events especially. Now in modern time, Matcha green tea is available in many flavors and dyes foods such as soba noodles, Matcha letters, green tea ice cream, and variety of Japanese wagashi confectionary. Matcha green tea is used remove cancer. It has many gradients, which help to fight against cancer.

What you Need?

Many people do not know which tools or things required to make powder of Matcha green tea . Here are some tools lifted below which is necessary during preparation of Matcha green tea powder.

Tea Bowl: Tea bowl also called chawan is the first item that is required. By using this bowl, you can make small amount of Matcha green tea. You can also use round shape solid things like this.

tea bowl

Sifter: It is very important tool and benefit of this tool is to prevent clumps from forming. In the market, special Matcha green tea sifter is also available. Choose a sifter according to your tea bowl. Small sifter is best and can work in better way.

Chashaku: For making Matcha, green tea powder Chashaku is one of the important untensil. It is made from thin bamboo, usually 7 inch long Chashaku is used. It looks like spoon and used to transfer tea from storage to into chawan.

Bamboo Scoop

Tea container: Tea container looks like a small handy jar, designed to put Matcha green tea powder. You can use this jar to store powder for long term.

tea container

There are some other tools can be used for extra care but given above tools are enough to make Matcha green tea. By using these tools, you can make Matcha green tea powder.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea Powder?

By using these steps, you will able to make Matcha green tea powder. Most green teas powder can be made from grinding machine but this is not applicable in case of Matcha green tea powder that is made him unique and different from other green teas.

Matcha green tea is made from youngest and fine leaves that are carefully handpicked and grinded slowly. Only use youngest and fine leaves then blend and ground these leaves. There is special need required to produce these leaves because only few are qualified to become Matcha. Experts suggest which leaves could be used or not use. That is why it is very expensive even in Japan.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Brewing Tips?

An authentic and well-shaped Matcha green tea is not difficult to prepare in home. There some simple steps:

· Buy a traditional bamboo tea whisk


· Take some hot water in tea bowl

· Add Tea powder in hot water

· Mix then by sifter or spoon


· Add some milk in this liquid, tea is ready

· You can add some other gradients for additional taste.


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