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Pu Erh Tea Storage

Pu Erh tea which is commonly pronounced as (POO air), originates from a province called Yunnan in China. This tea is a mixture of quite a number of post-fermented teas and is also classified under a preferred list of healthy beverages especially because of its weight loss attributes which help in burning unwanted fat and shedding off those extra kilos. Besides these attributes, it also has a distinct, delicious earthy taste or flavor. Pu Erh teas are usually made into hard cake-like forms and are then wrapped into permeable papers to enable in aging and storage. So, just like fine wine tastes better with age, so does the Pu Erh tea. Its potency improves with time and this is one of its golden and carefully meted attributes.


How to Store Pu Erh Tea

how to store pu erh tea

First of all, because the Pu Erh tea is already post-fermented, it is therefore important to note that during storage, the tea should definitely not be stored where the temperatures are extreme meaning either too hot or too cold. This is because being that it is a tea, the leaves tend to be capable of absorbing moisture from the air around and this could highly affect the taste of the Pu Erh tea making it acquire an unfavorable taste from its original known earthy taste.

Depending on the period of time, one plans to consume or have the tea, definitely affects the nature or method of storage of the Pu Erh tea. For example, how to store the Pu Erh tea if you intend to take it almost immediately, you would need to break the tea from its brisket form into small pieces, after that place those pieces into a paper bag and most importantly, ensure that the paper bag is placed in an open area with plenty or sufficient air circulation.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to have the tea to age for a while and then to be consumed at a later stage, how to store the Pu Erh tea is, you would still need to break it again into smaller pieces, then put the pieces into a paper bag and then place that into an unglazed clay jar or into a carton all the same.

Also when embarking on storage of the Pu Erh tea, especially if in large quantities, it is important to make sure that in every six months, you turn the tea and expose it to fresh air and while at it, check the taste so that it does not get a musty or damp taste. It is also important to note that the area of storage should be kept dark and free from moisture and too much light because this would cause a great interference with the aging process of the Pu Erh tea


pu erh tea soup



Similarly, if you are intent on keeping the tea for long-term storage, then this becomes a different method altogether. This is so in the sense that you do not get or need to break the tea into small pieces, therefore, leaving it in its original form or shape. Therefore, to store the Pu Erh tea, you will need to put it into a plastic bag and then put a few holes around the bag ( this will assist in air circulation) afterward, put the tea into a glass, clay or metal container or alternatively, leave it in its original cardboard container or box.

There is also the issue of odor to be considered when you want to store the Pu Erh tea. These teas have a very high capability of absorbing different kinds of odors and therefore when considering how to store the Pu Erh tea, keep the tea away from an environment rich in many or various kinds of scents so as to not affect its original scent and eventually its taste.


There is an old time thought but more like a belief that depending on the how or method of storage of the Pu Erh tea is, it achieves its highest and the richest taste in about 60 years and then in another 40 years the taste begins to downgrade to almost no taste at all. So a rule of the thumb, storage of the Pu Erh tea matters a great deal because it helps the consumers enjoy the taste in a prolonged period of time just like it should. In practice, store the tea in materials that are permeable such as paper towels, organic non-woven bags, wooden and cardboard boxes and basically, anything else that falls into that category.

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