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Guide to Use Gaiwan


Whats Gaiwans ?


The Gaiwan is a simple tea device that consists of a cover on the top, a bowl in the middle and a tray on the bottom. The cover, the bowl, and the plate in the Gaiwan are symbols representing Heaven, Earth, and God as believed the Chinese. In this case, the Guiwan also known as the tureen as stated by Mr. Lu Xun, explains that brewing tea in the Gaiwan, makes the tea sweet and bright, with a slightly bitter taste which is an amazing tea to drink. The Gaiwans have been used by the Chinese people since the early 14th century up to date. The Gaiwan consists of a lid, saucer, and bowl designed that are used together.


How to brew with Gaiwans ?



To brew black tea using the Gaiwan you put the tea in the cup pour boiling water half way the cup and immediately drain off the liquid by using the lid to hold back the leaves and holding the sauce and cup together and inhale the aroma from the rinsed leaves. After that, you can pour the hot water into the Gaiwan, make sure you do this to perfection to ensure the leaves swirl in the body. In the case of green tea drink after you've let the cup uncovered for two to three minutes.

To drink from the Gaiwan, use your thumb to steady the cup, and in the palm of your right hand hold the saucer. For keeping the leaves off while you sip the liquor lift the lid by the knob with your left hand tilting it slightly away from your body. To draw back the tea flavor add boiling water before drinking all the liquor, and you should avoid pouring the water directly to the leaves. You can try and experiment making your tea using the Gaiwan using the following guidelines.

1. You can make the cup warmer by adding hot water and again pouring out the water.

2. Add two to three tablespoon of dry leaves and brew the tea directly in the cup.

3. In the case of black tea pour boiling water over the leaves and right away get rid of the rinsed infusion and place the lid on the rinsed leaves.

4. You can raise the Gaiwan for you to smell and slightly tilt the top. Continuously inhale the leaves to take in the intoxicating scent.

5. You can add to the leaves some boiling water, paddle the mixture with the lid, then change the top to let it steep for a minute.

6. For the process of decanting you can use the Lotus tea cups which are fantastic because its white color boosts the appearance of the tea, making the brew look cool. You can also tilt the lid slightly back and start drinking directly from the cup.

In conclusion trying out the guidelines above with enough amount of tea and time to brew will with no doubt give better results. Using approximately three tablespoons of tea, and on the first infusion steep the tea for twenty to thirty seconds and each subsequent infusion extend the steeping time. The technique of making tea enables you to use the same tea leaves over and over again each providing a fantastic and different experience.

How to maintain your Gaiwan ?


The following are some of the things you should consider to keep your Gaiwan in a perfect condition. The following are some of the ways that will help you maintain your Gaiwan.

1. After you have used the Cup rinse it out a few times with boiling water and by its ability to hold extra flavors you should only use your bare hands with no soap to wipe out the inside.

2. To allow the Gaiwan to get hot fill the pot with boiling water and let it relax for a minute.

3. To wipe off water stains use a dry towel after removing the hot water from the Gaiwan.

4. Leave the Gaiwan without the cover to allow it to dry, then cover it again.

In addition to that, you do not have to clean the Gaiwan each time you use it as the tea leaves may be infused multiple times to produce a brew. Though, to reduce the chances of developing stains, it is advisable to wipe out water outside the Gaiwan.

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