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Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea

Huang Jin Gui comes from the mandarin word “Huang Gi” which means Yellow Gold and “Gui” which means Osmanthus flower. This is a premium Chinese oolong tea which traditionally comes from Anxi in Fujian province. It was named after the appearance and the flavor of this tea. This oolong tea possesses yellow golden colored budding leaves with a unique flowery aroma which is said to be reminiscent of Osmanthus or honeysuckle flowers. This tea is considered on of the best beverages in the world today. It attracts thousands of customers and tourist alike to our country. Others are also exported to improve the county's economy.

Legend of Huang Jin Gui Tea


Huang Jin Gui


There are two legends behind Huang Jin Gui tea:

1. This tea comes from two seed which is given by Wang Denwei to Lin Ziqin on their wedding day. The plants that grew represents the prosperity of their families and ancestors and is also seen as a good omen for wealth, fertility, and future. The tea produced from these plant has a golden color and osmanthus fragrance because of this it is often given as a wedding gift. In the region of Anxi in Fujian province, there is a traditional custom that a newly-wed bride should bring “green” to her husband’s house. They believed that the Huang Dan plant is cultivated in more romantic fashion. The “green” usually comes in a form of shoots or sprouts of the plants. 

2. In the early of Qing Dynasty, a retired general called “Long” lived in the mountain area of An-Xi, Fujian Province. Because of the constant mountain hunting under the sun and bad weathers his skin was tanned and then he gained the name “Oo-long” which means black dragon. When he was hunting he usually collects wild teas along the way. He would then cook the leaves when he returns to his home. The tea he made has a very special aroma which is different from all the other teas. The villagers were attracted to it and so they often visit Oolong to have his tea. One day, when he arrived home he was so tired from the mountain hunting and he forgot to cook the leaves. The next day, when he woke up, he found out that the leaves have already wilted. The wilted leaves produced an unusual fragrance and much more aromatic than his processed leaves. He tried to make a tea out of it and the taste was mellow and doesn't have bitterness in it. Excited, oolong called out the villagers and let them taste his tea. When they found out about the tea, they were amazed by it and asked Oolong how did he make it so they can try it as well. After having different experiments, the villagers made a different set of techniques on how to produce the tea and then imparted it to other villagers. In thanks to Oolong, the villagers decided to name the tea as “Oolong tea”, which later on has been famous and adopted by the next generations and up until the present.

How Huang Jin Gui Tea is Produced


Huang Jin Gui


Huang Jin Gui tea is similar to Tieguanyin but it only has little oxidation. It is processed with the use of the most exquisite technique making it the most refined. It has a flowery and delicate aroma without the heaviness of red and black tea or astringency of a green tea. It is an ideal drink to take after meals and is very effective to have lower body fat, regulating the stomach and keeping health gradually.

Today, the picking season for Huang Jin Gui is earlier than the other oolong teas’. Normally it starts in mid-April which is 7-10 days earlier than, and 12-18 days earlier than the picking of Tieguanyin Oolong tea. When the tea leaves started to sprout, tea farmers pick the shoots from the top leaves of the bush as they are just beginning to open. The timing of the picking is very important, young leaves tend to make bitter tastes and the older leaves produces a weaker flavor. The picked leaves of Huang Jin Gui Tea are hand processed and rolled. Which results that the taste of the tea has a combined full-bodied flavor with a wild mountain grass sweetness and freshness that can be found in young green teas.

Taste of Huang Jin Gui Tea


Huang Jin Gui


Huang Jin Gui Tea tastes slightly vegetative in both aroma and taste tea, but not so vegetative that it already distracts the rich flavor of the tea. It also has a perfect union of grassy and floral which possesses sweet floral notes. Sweet, but not too sweet, it has a lovely contrasting bite of bitterness in the aftertaste. 

Benefits of Huang Jin Gui Tea

 Huang Jin Gui

The benefits that you can get from drinking Huang Jin Gui Tea are similar to other oolong teas. This tea has antioxidant polyphenol and these are the health benefits that you can get from drinking this tea:

Enhances and strengthen your immune system.

Can possibly decrease the risk of having and developing cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes.

Can reduce the risk of having cancer and tumors.

It is used to help you increase your energy levels.

Can be a useful aid in maintaining good metabolism.

It is said to help you build stronger teeth.

May help you reduce the risk for having inflammation-related ailments.

It is said to help you enhance bone density.

May assist you in fighting related aging damages.

Might aid you to fight diabetes.

How to Identify Huang Jin Gui Tea From Other Oolong Teas


Huang Jin Gui


Some people are having a hard time to differentiate Huang Jin Gui tea from other oolong teas. In here, we will guide you to know the difference of Huang Jin Gui tea from other teas.

1. Huang Jin Gui usually sprouts in the Middle of April.

2. Huang Jinn Gui is also used to make balck tea and green tea except oolong tea.

3. The fresh leaf of Huang Jin Gui is thinner and longer.

4. The dried tea of Huang Jin Gui is light yellowish green. When brewed, you can smell osmanthus flower or juicy each.

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