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  • Jiaogulan And Its Secrets Revealed

    Traditional herb medicines are no longer extraordinary, especially from the ancient Chinese, as we have heard lots of benefits from them. The same thing applies to Jiaogulan, Chinese herb. Back in 1406, Zhu Xiao, invented this plant and extracted it as the 'immortality tea'. He intended that this plant was merely as surviving foods, instead of curing many chronic diseases.
  • A Healthy Choice - Tie Guan Yin Tea

    Tieguanyin tea has a rich history that goes all the way back to the 19th Century. It gets its name from the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The origin of its name is explained in two time-honored Chinese legends, one of which is known as the Wei Legend.
  • Living Healthy With Buckwheat Tea

    Buckwheat tea, a healthy product made from roasted buckwheat found in Yunnan province in China, is a potent herbal beverage, famous in Southeast Asia and Japan. It is also popularly known as Shoba Cha and served as a refreshment in several houses.
  • Chinese Tea Gaiwans

    The use of Gaiwans in tea preparation started during the Ming Dynasty. It was through these years that the preparation and rituals of tea were enhanced. This happened at the peak of pottery making wherein China was known for creating delicate and fine tablewares and teacups.
  • Guide to Use Gaiwan

    The Gaiwan is a simple tea device that consists of a cover on the top, a bowl in the middle and a tray on the bottom. The cover, the bowl, and the plate in the Gaiwan are symbols representing Heaven, Earth, and God as believed the Chinese.
  • Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea

    Huang Jin Gui is a premium Chinese oolong tea which traditionally comes from Anxi in Fujian province. It was named after the appearance and the flavor of this tea. This oolong tea possesses yellow golden colored budding leaves with a unique flowery aroma which is said to be reminiscent of Osmanthus or honeysuckle flowers. This tea is considered on of the best beverages in the world today.
  • Huang Jin Gui Health Benefits and Brew Tips

    Huang Jin Gui grown at high elevations within the Anxi Country in the Fujian Province, this crisp, green oolong tea has a unique depth and complexity to it. It has a long lingering floral finish and there are new layers of character within each brew. Huang Jin Gui tea has a delicate scent reminiscent of honeysuckle and has a golden tone when infused in hot water. The name Huang Jin Gui comes as a result of the honeysuckle and golden tinge and translates to Golden Honeysuckle.
  • Десять знаменитых китайских улун

    Although Oolong teas are majorly grown in China and Taiwan, the regions under in which they are grown are very expansive with different climatic conditions. It is this varying climate & growth conditions which makes Oolong tea to have a different varieties. They all have different flavors & aromas from roasted, robust, floral among others. With such a wide array, here are the Top Ten Famous Chinese Oolong tea.
  • Все о Цветочный Чай

    Originated from the Yunnan province of China, blooming tea is now known across the world for its unique features and health benefits. Flowering or blooming tea is a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped with dried flowers forming into a bulb shape that opens upon brewing.
  • Как сделать чашки цветов в домашних условиях

    Flowering tea balls are best enjoyed with family or friends over a dinner party or any other special occasion. You may even make it a great gift for a loved one, friend or colleague during the festive season. Who wouldn't love hand-crafted tea balls made to resemble a blossoming flower? The tea balls have to be enjoyed in a clear glass or teapot, for the obvious reason of visibility of the beautiful flowers.
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