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Jiaogulan And Its Secrets Revealed


Chinese herb medicines are proven to be very effective in curing many kinds of disease. Even until now, many Western medical experts recommend them to their patients, in order to reduce the hazardous impact of chemical substances to the body. Tea extract is the most popular forms of Chinese natural medical treatment is tea extract, which is not only effective, but also risk-free. Among so many tea extracts with the best health benefits, Jiaogulan stands out.



Traditional herb medicines are no longer extraordinary, especially from the ancient Chinese, as we have heard lots of benefits from them. The same thing applies to Jiaogulan, Chinese herb. Back in 1406, Zhu Xiao, invented this plant and extracted it as the 'immortality tea'. He intended that this plant was merely as surviving foods, instead of curing many chronic diseases.

However, many scientists later discovered that Jiaogulan is proven to be the best medicine for reducing the high blood pressure, lowering the cholesterol level, and increasing the immunity, as well as energizing the body in a natural way. Gynostemma pentaphyllum--as the scientific name-became very famous, later on. This is due to its scientifically-proven health benefits that thousands of people have enjoyed.


Great Taste, Zero Pesticide


Regardless of its origin, this plant doesn't exist only in China. It is also easily found on most Asian forests. The shape of the plant is distinguished with its five to seven serrated leaflets, with the small fruits with purple colors. It uses tendrils to support itself like the climbing vine. This special plant grows only on fertile soil which is free from pesticides and any kind of chemical substance, including fertilizers. As this is the kind of plant that grows very slow, it is safe from all kinds of chemical treatment, like other common tea plants.


What about the taste? We can expect the most original and the best taste of common Chinese tea. Especially for Jiaogulan, its taste resembles green tea though it is somewhat mild. However, the best benefit of this tea is its caffeine-free feature, though its taste is similar with common tea. It is important to underline that this is the only tea that doesn't contain caffeine, at all.

Massive of benefits


As it was previously mentioned, Jiaogulan is the best medicines for chronic diseases. This herb extract is rich of antioxidant, which means that Jiaogulan has the natural anti-cancer effects. Without doubt, it is totally safe for everyone at any condition. Jiaogulan has more advantages for anyone with health problems. They include:


1. Preventing Free Radicals

As it was mentioned earlier, its high antioxidant level protects the body from free radicals, which are very difficult to avoid, during the past decade. The impact works very well for those, who drink Jiaogulan regularly, in which the body is free from the oxidation damage. The main evidence was already proven by the long-life span of ancient Chinese who consumed Jiaogulan, as their daily intake.


2. Minimizing The Cholesterol Level

There are too many people with high cholesterol level, these days. Without doubt, it is caused by the wrong eating habits that seem to be unavoidable.While people can count on Jiaogulan for reducing their bad cholesterol, they should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing unhealthy foods that contain fats and salt.


3. Regulating Blood Pressure

Consuming Jiaogulan regularly avoids the risk of hypertension, which is caused by the high blood pressure. Based on scientific researches, Jiaogulan delivers better results than ginseng in preventing heart attacks.


4. Cancer killer

This is another benefit of Jiaogulan which has been proven scientifically. Definitely, this is how the high antioxidant within this plant works. Consequently, it is also good for anyone who suffers from many inflammation diseases, like liver damage, bronchitis, and many more.


5. 'Natural' energizer

This plant contains Gypenoside, the natural energizer that works by enhancing the heart pump, without any side effect. This is why, Jiaogulan is effective for increasing the energy--even if it doesn't contain caffeine. Consuming Jiaogulan is very good for athletes or everyone who is required to labor hard for the whole day.


Making Process

Most people think that the manufacturing process of Jiaogulan can reduce its beneficial substances. However, the making of Jiaogulan is simply by washing and dehydrating the plant into the drying machine at low temperature. This is to ensure that the extract doesn't lose its nutrients.

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