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Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

The Jin Xuan Oolong Tea was developed in the year 1980 in Taiwan. It is also known as Milk Oolong. It has a taste that is light, and that’s why it is often compared to milk with a flowery scent and taste as well. The tea has light green leaves that are oval shaped and this makes it resistant to many kinds of diseases. How then this kind of tea is made and why is it also associated with milk? To avoid any confusion, we will get to have a look at all of these in this article to understand this tea better.

It is the leaves of the Oolong tea that get to bring the milky and creamy taste and thus the comparison it gets to be given to milk. The tea, as a result, is made so desirable by anyone who gets to consume it because the leaves are so very fresh when in use to make this kind of tea. It is called Xuan Milk but it doesn’t involve any milk in it, however.

How is this Oolong Tea made? The Oolong leaves have to be exposed to some kind of temperature that actually varies from the evening temperature to the morning temperatures. The evening temperatures need to be cool while the morning ones need to be warm. This will help the chemical composition in the leaves to change and this is what will allow for the creamy texture in the tea. It is this very leaves that get to make the tea flavored and have a very sweet scent that makes the person desire to have more of the tea.

The Oolong has various kinds of flavors. This means that one shouldn’t confuse non-flavored Oolong tea as one of little quality. The tea or even the leaves will grow in different places and under different climates and this will actually get to produce tea with different kinds of tastes. Highly oxidized Oolong is what will have a creamier and more floral like taste in the tea and this is the one found mostly in Taiwan while the least oxidized Oolong will have less creamy and floral like the taste. Distance is enough to make the same crop yield different results once it has gotten to grow. For example, the difference of the Oolong in Taiwan and Indonesia. The Same crop having different results in the Milk Oolong Tea.

There are various health benefits that are associated with the Milk Oolong Tea which includes:

· Weight loss and management

There is a component called Polyphenol that helps to reduce metabolism in fat and is found in the Oolong. Polyphenol will reduce obesity in the body as well as produce enzymes that will get to break down the fatty acids in the body which as a result lead to weight loss.

· Controls diabetes

It brings down too much blood sugar and insulin in the body and any component that results in the rise of blood sugar bringing about the diabetes is also broken down into smaller manageable components that cannot bring about the disease.

· Healthy strong bones

The bones are very important as they help the body keep strong and fit. Weak bones result in a weak and dysfunctional body and even very weak dental formula. However, the oolong tea has antioxidants that have components which help keep the bone structures very fit and strong and the teeth and jaws also healthy and strong.

· Alertness

There are many components associated with humans’ beings that boost the mental performance and alertness in the mind of a human being. A few that have always been mentioned are fish products, caffeine, and other related drugs. However, the milk oolong tea is a natural kind of tea that produces this boost in the mind because of the natural oolong leaves.

The instructions to brew the milk oolong tea are very simple, where you need to heat fresh filtered water to a boiling roll, and then pour the water over the tea steeping for five to seven minutes if using the oolong fresh leaves, or three to five minutes when using the tea bags.

In conclusion, from all the oolongs well known in their variety of taste and feel during consumption, the Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea is most famous because of its creamy, milky taste and this is found in Taiwan area.

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