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Keemun Hao Ya A Black Tea

keemun hao ya a tea

Keemun Hao Ya A is a type of tea that comes from the Qimen County of the Anhui province in native China. It was produced in the year 1875 for the first time in the qi men county Yu Ganchaen who decided to introduce black tea in Anhui province which had only produced green tea. It comes from the black leaves and is mainly served without milk and sugar although some people prefer it in a vice versa manner. In the Huangshan mountain of Anhui province, the plants producing the Keemun Hao Ya A are grown on a large scale with about 300-metre elevation in the valleys. Its growth is favored by the cloudy and the short period of sunlight which is perfect weather condition for the growth of any type of tea. It is sold raw by the nearing villages to tea processing companies, who go and converts the raw tea leaves to black tea and looks for the market for the farmers of Qimen country. The main consumers of this high-grade black tea are the British and Russians who have a very executive taste for tea.

How about Its Aroma, Shape, and Taste?


This tea is said to have a dry fruit aroma and some of the customers classify its aroma as flowery and plum flavored. According to the stash company website, it classifies the flavor as orchid flower and plum fruit. It is in superfine grade with the buds being small and wiry. According to the tea trekker, Chinese producing company the aroma is pungent and very deep or and with a hint of raisins smell.

Health Benefits of Keemun Hao Ya A

keemun hao ya a tea health effects

Some of the benefits of this tea include:

a) Lowering the risk for cancer in the human body

b) Supporting the body to digest in a healthy way

c) Lowers inflation of the body

d) It increases the rate of metabolism and therefore burning fat in the body, therefore, helping to reduce weight.

e) Regulating sugar levels in the human blood and this goes a long way to prevent diabetes

f)Regulating the risk associated with blood vessels. This is attributed to the burning of body fat.

g) Improving the flow of blood in the heart by burning calories

h) Providing fluoride and vitamins in the body

Its Making process

making process

The making process is not really complicated and differs with different companies although most of them use the oxidation process which involves heating of the tea. The reason why Keemun Hao Ya A is different between the processing companies is that all companies claim to be the best and have to add extra flavors and apparently claim a secret ingredient is the contributor of its uniqueness. The main process itself involves withering the harvested tea leaves and buds and allowing them to dry and lose their water. The dried buds and leaves of Keemun Hao Ya A are then rolled and twisted and this is one of its unique features. The rolling process is what differentiates flavor and production of different companies. This is because during the rolling each company inserts a hidden secret ingredient in twisted dry leaves and buds. After twisting and rolling the leaves are then left to oxidize and turn black. This is where the black tea term comes from.

How to Steep it?

In brewing the tea, different companies have a slightly different of brewing. For the Teavivre Company, they use the purple tea set and this involves mixing the tea with water and heating it for around 3 minutes up to almost the boiling point. The Stash Company, on the other hand, uses up to 5 minutes to brew the tea. It all depends on the taste of the customer. This tea experts recommend heating the tea in water for a longer time so as to acquire the best version of the black tea. Some experts go ahead and recommend the use of old and traditional Chinese vessels to acquire the best of the Keemun Hao Ya A.

In conclusion, I can say that Keemun tea has four varieties but the Keemun Hao Ya A grade is preferred to the other three Keemun grades because of it of a higher grade than the others. Secondly, it is affordable and pocket-friendly. The taste also sets Keemun Hao Ya A at a higher level of black tea production.

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