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  • 2013г. Шен пуэр Свропейский стандарт, 50г./пакет

  • Эта продукта:
2013г. Шен пуэр Свропейский стандарт, 50г./пакет

  • Количество: 

    Tea tree: small tea tree over 80 years old from one single tea plantation only. 

    Vintage: 2013 Spring

    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

    Fermentation: Raw

    Shape: Tight, fat, plump. 

    Dried tea color: dark yellowish green color

    Aroma: high floral aroma, and honey fragrance

    Tea soup color: Yellow color

    Taste: flowery and honey taste, sweet. 

    N.W: 50g/bag

    loose leaf pu erh tea - tasting and sanitary standards

    loose leaf pu erh tea - storage and packing

    Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea - 2013 Spring First Flush Pasha Village Small Tree Raw Pu Erh, EU standard

    This Small Tree Loose Leaf Pu Erh tea is personally collected by JK member during their Pu Erh tea trips to Pa Sha Village, Menghai county, Xishuangbanna. All of this loose leaves Maocha is direclty from one tea plantatation of one farmer in Pazheng village of Pasha mountain. This is a young tea plantation, which is over 80 years old; we call this as the small tea tree (arbor) Pu Erh tea. 


    This Loose Leaf Pu Erh tea field has never used any pesticide, which is strongly forbidden by local government. Besides, we have already tested this tea in lab and no pesticide is detected. Pasha mountain, like Nannuo mountain, only lives Aini minority there.

    Pasha tea is a mix of sweetness from Nannuo mountain, and slightly thick, bitterness from Bulang mountain in the first year. Thick, dense tea liquid with long after-taste sweetness. Full of floral aroma. 


    Good for long-term storage.


    Storage method: Pls store all the Loose Leaf Pu Erh tea in a dry & cool environment without any ordor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35 celsius degree; moisture degree is between 50-75 degree.