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Разница между чаем Матча и порошком зеленого чая

Matcha and green tea powder, wondering how the matcha tea is different from the green tea powder? Worry not; You're not alone. A majority of people often get muddled about what exactly is the matcha tea and how it's distinct from the regular green tea. Let's expose the fact right away.

Both the matcha tea and the green tea powder mirror almost hundred percent in looks. They even have green tea leaves as the common origin. Despite that, they never exhibit similar properties. From colors to textures to flavors and then to methods of preparation, there's everything different about the two. Both the teas are highly nutritional, but there's a difference there as well.

Not every green tea powder is matcha

What's green tea powder? Obviously, any sort of tea grind to powder is green tea powder. Also, the powder doesn't necessarily come from tea leaves. We can grind any part of the plant to get this. Different parts give a different quality of powders. Thus the quality always depends on the origin and processing of the powders.

Green tea powders often have a dark moss green tint. The expensive leaves and processing methods account for such colors. These are too bitter for drinking purposes and hence better used in desserts and other foods. So make no mistake, not every green tea is matcha.

green tea powder

The Matcha Tea

Matcha tea originates from tea leaves as well. But the processing is hands down advanced. Here the source of the Matcha powder is the Tencha leaves that grow in a stern atmosphere. As the budding starts, these leaves aren't let any sunlight, and that's what makes it different from Sencha leaves.

When the sunlight reaching the leaves is less than 10 percent, the leaves grow a lot slower and produce a huge amount of amino acids. These leaves thus get an unusual taste. It's then processed by expert tea makers in a stone mortar. Thus we get the matcha tea that easily dissolves in warm water.

matcha tea

How is matcha tea powder different from green tea powder?

So now we know that both the matcha and the green tea powders are the products of similar tea leaves. We also understood that the variation in the qualities and features of the two teas comes from the unique growth and processing of matcha tea. But, how is matcha different from green tea? That's one thing we still need to know. So here are the basic differences between the two.

1. Processing

Matcha tea is produced from the finest and hand-picked leaves. After plowing the leaves, experts remove their stems and veins and grind the leaves in a stone mortar. Thus we get the refreshing tea of matcha. On the other hand, we get green tea by steeping different parts of the leaves in hot water.

2. Preparation

The methods of preparing the two variety of tea witness high-temperature differences. Matcha tea powder is mixed with water at under 180 degrees (Fahrenheit). Now for green tea powder, the green tea is boiled up to the high temperatures of 212 degrees (Fahrenheit). Such a high temperature harms the nutritional content of green tea.

3. Color

Matcha and green tea are green in color. But the green doesn't have the same shade. Matcha teas are a lot greener when compared to a bit dull green tea. Matcha has a high amount of chlorophyll that gives it a bright green color.

4. Texture

Even the two powders differ a lot in their texture as well. Matcha is a really too fine and velvety powder. It gives a pleasant and smooth feeling when touched. Green tea is more on the grittier side like what crushed leaves feel like.

5. Taste

Matcha tastes a lo better than the regular green tea powder. Even the people who used the two easily agree on this point. The green tea comes a bit too bitter to taste. On the contrary, matcha needs no sweetener or milk to be tasty.

6. Nutrition

This is the most important point and a huge difference between the matcha tea and the green tea. This is where the matcha sores and it score where it matters the most. A cup of matcha tea has nutritional levels that not less than 10 to 15 cups of green tea can match.


Matcha tea contains about 137 times more antioxidants and is about 15 times more nutritious. Apart from that, it tastes and looks well. So if you're a tea fanatic, matcha tea comes well before the green tea as an option.

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