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  • Китайский чай шу пуэр 2009г. Даи 8582(901) (357г.)

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Китайский чай шу пуэр 2009г. Даи 8582(901) (357г.)

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    Vintage: 2009 (901)batch 

    N.W: 357g/cake

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves bush tea

    Producer: Menghai Tea Factory


    menghai puer tea - tasting and sanitary standards

    menghai puer tea - storage and packing


    Menghai Pu Erh Tea - 2009 Menghai Dayi 8592 Ripe Pu Er

    Menghai Pu Erh tea 8592 is one of the standard and high quality Pu Er tea produced by Menghai tea factory. Invented in 1985, this tea used to be the special order of Hongkong Nantian Trade company from 1985 to around late of 90s. This tea is also known as the "Zi Zhong Tian", which means the purple Tian(sky in English) directly under the Cha character on the wrapper, and stamped between 1988-1990 to distinguish the raw Pu Er tea 8582 and the ripe 8592 Pu Er teas they ordered.  However, in the market, there are many fake 8592 old teas as well.


    This tea's recipe is very special, light fermentation, which maintans the activity of the tea leaves. 3-6 grades of Maocha is spreaded ont eh surface, and the interior tea is mainly composed of the stalks, and coarse leaves.  This tea liquid is very smooth and soft; If ages for several years, good, charming aged aroma will please you. A competitive tea in price and worth to invest.

    Storage method: Pls store all the Pu Er tea in a dry & cool environment without any ordor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35 celsius degree; moisture degree is between 50-75 degree.