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Milk Oolong - The Pleasant and Invigorating Tea

milk oolong


1. What is milk oolong?

Milk oolong, otherwise known as Jin Xuan, is a type of oolong tea that has its origins in Taiwan. It has a natural milky taste with a creamy and light feel and thrives at high altitudes. Its leaves have an attractive ball shape and they are not crushed. This guarantees a full dose of the tea's goodness. One of its unique features is the growth conditions can largely affect its taste. Genuine milk oolong is not mixed with milk or other dairy products. The combination of suitable altitudes, fertile soils, and rich climate give rise to this special tea with a unique flavor.

2. Production process

Milk oolong undergoes numerous processes that are each carefully handled to achieve its incredible taste. Firstly, the leaves are hand-picked by farmers. Secondly, they are spread on the tarpaulin to facilitate withering. Each leaf is given special attention and is heated equally. When they attain the required consistency, they are then fermented. In the fermentation stage, the leaves are enhanced with their captivating aroma, are carefully arranged in a layer and are left in a cool room through the night. The leaves obtain a special red color at the edges but they remain green in their middle part.

The fourth stage is oxidation, where the leaves are intensely fried at varying temperatures. Frying is important because it removes moisture from the leaves and to mix the resulting material with hot air so that it can have the required consistency. The next stage is twisting, where the leaves are put into a machine designed to shape them into small balls. Afterward, the leaves are sorted to remove any unwanted components and tea leaves with cuttings and finally, they are fried again under a regulated temperature in preparation for storage.

The ready leaves can be stored in a container that minimizes air circulation to preserve their special aroma. They can also be preserved in a fridge if you wish to store it for a long period of time.

3. Milk oolong nutrition

Most people not only enjoy this creamy liquor for its great taste but for its rich health benefits as well. Some of its amazing benefits include; removal of free radicals that are a danger to our bodies since it is an antioxidant and controls the behavior of the radicals. Taking the tea on a regular basis can help protect you from complications caused by the radicals such as stroke, arthritis, and diabetes. It also helps in weight loss since it contains polyphenols that stimulate the performance of fat cells, it enables women to steer clear from ovarian cancer, it contains antioxidants that play a major role in promoting a high density of bones in the body.

Additionally, it keeps you alert and enhances the performance of your mind, helps relieve stress, maintains a healthy heart, brings diabetes under control and it heals skin conditions such as eczema if it is drunk consistently.

4. Brewing tips

Preparing this tea is relatively easy since they are ready to consume. All that is required is some water, a tasting cup, a porcelain gaiwan or teapot and milk oolong tea leaves. First, rinse the tasting cup and teapot with hot water. Afterward, put a teaspoon of the tea leaves into the teapot, add water that has been heated to 95 degrees Celsius and let them steep for 1-5 minutes after closing the pot with its lid. The longer you steep, the more you will obtain the nutrients from the leaves.

After the steeping duration, pour the resulting liquor into the tasting cup and enjoy. It should have a transparent light-yellow color with an inviting floral and buttermilk aroma. Milk oolong does not require sweeteners and other additives as it is naturally sweet. It can be infused for up to seven times. The amount of tea leaves that are used largely affects the flavor of the tea. If you're a beginner, a small amount is recommended. If you're not content with the flavor, you can add more leaves during the next infusion.

5. When is the best time to drink

Due to its stimulating capabilities, milk oolong should be taken in the morning after waking up to provide the body with the required energy and to help you keep alert throughout the day. It can be drunk alone or with an accompaniment.


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