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  • 2011 Сягуань FT \"Bao Yan Brand\", 250г./шт.

  • Эта продукта:
2011 Сягуань FT "Bao Yan Brand", 250г./шт.

  • Количество: 

    Type of tea: Raw Pu Er

    Vintage: 2011

    Composition: Yunnan big  leaves tea bush

    N.W: 250g/tuo; G.W: 430g/tuo

    Producer: Xiaguan Tea Factory

    premium pu erh tea - tasting and sanitary standards

    premium pu erh tea - storage and packing

    Premium Pu Erh Tea - 2011 Xiaguan FT Bao Yan Brand Mushroom Raw Pu Er Tuo

    Premium Pu Erh Tea - Bao Yan mushroom tea was first produced in 1953, then later due to culture revolution in China, it put a stop on this tea production. Later, in 1983, in order to meet market's demand, especially in Tibet areas, this mushroom tea re-started to put into production.

    This Premium Pu Erh Tea was the special order of Fei Tai Company in Taiwan.
    This Premium Pu Erh Tea was produced by Fei Tai company's order. Fei Tai Company is the biggest Pu Er tea distributor in Tai Wan. It is claimed that the specially-ordered Pu Er tea of Fei Tai company reaches a higher quality on the Maocha in Xiaguan Tea factory.
    This Premium Pu Erh Tea is tightly pressed and good for long-term storage. Golden liquid and full body of tea taste and deep aroma.
    All of our Pu Er tea is stored in dry & cool environment, with very pleasing and charming aged aroma & taste. Thick & dense taste with good after taste sweetness.

    Premium Pu Erh Tea - brewing tips