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To Know about Pu Erh Tea Benefits

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About Pu Erh tea

Pu Erh tea also referred to as vintage tea, has its origins in the bountiful Yunnan province in China. It is known worldwide for its unique taste, enticing aroma, and brilliant color when brewed. It was named after a town with a similar name. Its leaves are grown and harvested in estates along the great Lancang river. The size of the leaf largely depends on the area of production. After harvest, they are sent to the city of Pu Erh where processing is done.

The leaves undergo fermentation after they have been rolled and dried. It can be sold in the form of leaves or raw product referred to as maocha, 'rough tea' in English, or pressed into various shapes such as mushroom, square, brick, gold melon and dragon pearl. Fermentation helps in preserving freshness and storage. It should be preserved in a dry place with a constant cool temperature. When exposed to other odors, it loses its original taste since it absorbs the foreign scents.

Opening the tea for consumption is a delicate art that should be carried out properly. Open up the package slowly, then crush it into small ingestible pieces using a blunt knife. The breaking helps in exposing more of the tea to the atmosphere for quicker oxidation to occur. The flavor and aroma depend on the area of growth and the fermentation process used. Pu Erh tea benefits have made it a sought-after drink not only in the Asian countries but around the world as well.

Pu Erh tea benefits

Consumption of Pu Erh tea has been proven to do you more good. You are playing a major role in the promotion of good health and overall well being by taking it. Here are some of the Pu Erh tea benefits:

1. It combats halitosis

Halitosis, commonly referred to as bad breath, is caused by bacteria from the food we eat when they attach themselves to our gums and teeth. Pu Erh tea offers an effective solution to this thanks to the mixture of micro-organisms and phytochemicals present in it that work against the bacteria. It is most effective when combined with regular flossing and brushing of teeth.

2. It is effective in detoxification

The foods and snacks we eat contain so much, including free radicals and acids, that can accumulate in our bodies and affect us in one way or another if not maintained. The toxins are then transferred to the body during assimilation, hence causing serious side effects. Pu Erh tea has simple sugars and micro-organisms that clear the toxins out of your blood and system in general.

3. It helps to keep you healthy

Pu Erh tea contains phytochemicals that assist the body in fighting diseases by strengthening the immune system. It contains a higher number of antioxidants than other teas, which make it more effective. If you're unwell, consuming it regularly will help you regain your health. Remember to take good care of yourself for it to be of more assistance to you.

4. It contains anti-inflammatory properties

One of the notable Pu Erh tea benefits is its rich content of anti-inflammatory properties that prevent arteriosclerosis, that lessen the pain associated with swollen joints in arthritis and can help curb asthma with its ingredient referred to as theophylline.

5. It helps in proper digestion

Taking a cup of Pu Erh tea before and after meals aids in preventing indigestion. It contains micro-organisms that help maintain the balance of the bacteria in the large and small intestines and stomach, in turn promoting smooth digestion. It should be taken just before meals and some minutes after meals for it to be effective.

6. It relieves you of stress and enables you to sleep well

Whether you have had a hard day at work or things aren't going for you, a frequent cup of Pu Erh tea will help in giving you the much-needed relaxation. It calms you down and eases you of stress. Though it contains caffeine, it can help you to fight insomnia. It has phytochemicals, specifically theanine and GABA, that stimulate the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, and bring the levels of stress down incredibly.

Pu Erh tea comes in a variety of flavors, and it may be confusing to know which is the best to consume. Always go for the variety with a refreshing flavor of Chinese dates. Not only is this great tea unique in its production, it is also one of a kind with its numerous benefits. Tea addicts are sure to treasure it. Take some time and experience the natural Pu Erh tea benefits.  

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