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  • 2014г. Xiao Husai Шен пуэр (15г./пакет)

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2014г. Xiao Husai Шен пуэр (15г./пакет)

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    Tea tree: Pure old trees (over 200 years old

    Vintage: 2014 Spring

    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

    Fermentation: Raw

    Shape: Tight, fat, plump. 

    Dried tea color: dark yellowish green color

    Aroma: high floral aroma, and honey fragrance

    Tea soup color: Yellow color

    Taste: flowery and honey taste, sweet.

    pu erh tee - tasting and sanitary standards

    pu erh tee - storage and packing

    Pu Erh Tee - Xiao Husai Loose Leaves Raw Pu-erh Tea

    Xiao Husai(小户塞)Village is located in Mengku town, Lincang city, where Mengku tea is famous for its Mengku big leaves tea variety with super, unique sweetness. 

    Xiao Husai is near to Bingdao village, and located at the highest altitude at West Mountain area of Mengku county. 

    Xiao Husai's Loose Leaves Pu Erh tee enjoys high floral honey taste in tea liquid. Super soft tea taste, clean and sweet with fast long-after taste sweetness coming after sipping the liquid. 


    Good for long-term storage.


    Storage method: Pls store all the Loose Leaves Pu Erh tea in a dry & cool environment without any ordor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35 celsius degree; moisture degree is between 

    50-75 degree.