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  • 2012г. Первый сорт шу пуэр, 50г./пакет

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2012г. Первый сорт шу пуэр, 50г./пакет

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    Type of Pu Er: ripe Pu Erh

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves variety(around 40 years old small tea arbor)

    Vintage: 2012 spring

    Grade: First grade

    Origin: Lincang area, Yunnan province

    ripe pu erh - tasting and sanitary standards

    ripe pu erh - storage and packing

    Ripe Pu Erh - 2012 Lincang First Grade Loose Leaves Pu-erh Tea

    This Lincang ripe Pu Erh is carefully-selected by JK team members when we was on a tea trip to Mengku town, Lincang area of Yunnan province. 


    This Lincang ripe Pu Erh is medium-fermentation and carefully-controlled by the skillful technicians who are in charge of the piling fermentation; it enjoys very thick & mellow taste, with soft taste, long after taste sweetness. Super high clear & transparent tea liquid; as it has been aged under JK dry warehouse, the piling aroma has almost disappeared; now the little, pleasing dry-storage aged aroma comes out, which is very active and high aroma. 


    This ripe pu erh can be brewed at least 12 times.  


    The longer it stores/ages, the better aroma & taste it will become. 


    Storage method: Pls store all the Lincang ripe Pu Erh tea in a dry environment without any ordor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35 celsius degree; moisture degree is between 50-75 degree. 


    ripe pu erh

    Lincang ripe Pu Erh

    ripe pu erh