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  • Китайский чай шен \"Cloud Mountain\" пуэр 2011г. (15г.)

  • Эта продукта:
Китайский чай шен "Cloud Mountain" пуэр 2011г. (15г.)

  • Количество: 

    Tea tree: Pure big tree(arbor) Pu Er tea, tea trees aged from 200-500 years old.

    Harvest time: 2011 spring

    Fermentation: Raw

    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

    Shape: Tight, fat, plump.

    Dried tea color: dark yellowish green color

    Aroma: high floral aroma, and honey fragrance

    Tea soup color: light yellowish green color

    Taste: flowery and honey taste, strong throat feeling, smooth tea soup

    N.W: 250g/cake

    sheng puerh - tasting and sanitary standards

    sheng puerh - storage and packing

    Sheng Puerh -  2011 Spring Jinggu Cloud Mountain Old Tree Raw Pu Er

    This Sheng Puerh - Old Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake is from the remote and abandoned tea mountains in Jinggu county. This tea mountain, called as the Cloud Mountain, is located the west of Jinggu county, around 2 hours drive from the downtown to the mountain. The road to this Old Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake tea mountain is the most bumpy and cliffy I ever encountered in Yunnan. It is lucky the day I went to the mountain was sunshine, otherwise, once raining, ever the 4WD truck can't climb the slippery cliffy mountain road. 


    This Sheng Puerh mountained was cultivated by Wai minority in Jinggu around 400 hundred years old; Due to the unconvenience of living in high mountain, the Wai minority has already moved down to the foot of this mountain one hundred years ago. Thus, no one remembers this tea mountain, until 3 years ago, we just discovered this wild-growing tea mountain.


    During each tea-making seasons, our tea makers to stay in this tea mountain for around 2 months to make our own Maocha. All of our food, rice, greens are carried by their trucks each day. So our teas are definitely rare, exquisite, and high quality.


    Like many Jinggu's old tree, its new tea's taste is quite common, if compared to Menghai's tea, people would think it is not as strong as Menghai's old tea. So this is the misterious part of Jinggu tea, probably its climate, soil, as the tea ages, the Chaqi becomes stronger and stronger, its taste is thicker and thicker. Jinggu's tea is famous for its wild-honey aroma mixed with wild-flower aroma as well. 


    High-end tea, and worthy of long-term storage.