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    About the product
    • OLD SCHOOL – This is the Real Deal, RunganicT has a rich experience in blending tea, INFACT this tea recipe was pass on for 6 generations in our Ganghou Tea Family.
    • ENERGIZES – Morning Tea Energizes & Keep You Focus you Without giving you the Jitters or Crashes while BURNING your appetite & reduces BLOATNESS

    • FAT BURNING – Kickstart Your Metabolism keeps you in a good mood and 

    • relaxes you before bedtime. The Night Tea Cleanses out your stomach Smoothly not causing any Cramps or Aches.

    • COMBO – Both working to refresh your body and brightening your Skin & Best of All it doesn’t make you run to or live in the Bathroom either!
    • NUTTY – This one be one of those “tasty” tea that gets you no results, made with blends of Organic Certified Teas , dried Fruits skins this combination promises you PURE RESULTs Or Money Back!