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Is White Tea for Weight Loss?


White Tea Tasty


White tea is popularly known for being the most sensitive tea variety since its processing is minimal. This tea is literally harvested before the leaves open up. It is due to its delicate nature that it contains so many benefits.

1. White tea instructions

In order to process white tea, it is crucial to note that boiling water destroys the flavour of white tea. Most people who have prepared this tea will agree that the ideal temperature of water for white tea should be about 75 to 86 degrees celsius. For optimum results, let the water boil and let it cool for about 1 minute then pour the water on the leaves gently.

When using white tea leaves, you may need to increase the amount of tea leaves that you use since white tea is less dense than the other variety of tea leaves. Begin by using about 2 teaspoons of white tea leaves for every cup, taste the tea then you may add or subtract the amount of tea leaves. You may also choose to add a sweetener.

2. White tea benefits

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of white tea are numerous. Some of these white tea benefits are discussed below:

(a). Prevents Cancer

White tea is really benefitial in preventing cancer like Lung Cancer. Research has proven that this tea is indeed a potential anticancer agent since its extracts induce cell death which prevents new cell growth in Lung Cancer. However, research is yet to prove cancer prevention properties in white tea for other types of cancer.

(b). Relieves from Common Cold

In as much as white tea is helpful in lung Cancer, it also a cure for some common illnesses such as flu and common cold.

(c). Helps in Weight Loss

Getting rid of that extra weight is sometimes not easy especially when you have no time for physical exercises. Research has shown that intake of white tea prevents the process of formation of fat cells and may also control the life cycle of these same fat cells. This clearly shows that this tea is handy when loosing weight especially since it is just like any other beverage.

(d). Improves Oral Health

The presence of certain Tannins in white tea prevents the development of some certain bacteria which may cause the formation of Plaque. Taking white tea also reduces the risk of tooth decay since it contains flouride content.

(e). Helps in Skin Care

White tea contains some antioxidant properties which assist in the fast repair of damaged skin. It is also very helpful in protecting the skin from UV light effects.

(d). Controls Diabetes

A particular research suggested tha intake of white tea acts as a relief for people with Diabetes from symptoms such as increased insulin secretion and excessive thirst.

3. Why is white tea good for weght loss?

White tea with its antioxidant and medicinal properties, it is best suited for weight loss. Its low caffeine content ensures that it is perfect for drinking without having to compromise your diet. It helps you to slim since it increases body metabolism hence burning fat. To add on that, it is a cleanser and a diuretic hence it is capable of getting rid of fluid retention.

With this tea, you do not have to be on a specific diet. All you need to do is to regularly take white tea around three cups a day, in the morning immediately when you wake up, during lunch and in the evening before you retire to bed. However, taking a healthy well balanced diet to accompany the white tea will be much more effective to ensure proper weight loss. As mentioned before, now everyone will agree with me that white tea is a much efficient and effective way to cut extra weight without having to undergo physical exercise.

Before I conclude, I would like to simply highlight the amount of caffeine in white tea. There is about 27 milligrams of caffeine in a medium cup of white tea. This is indeed a relatively low amount as compared to the amount in green tea and coffee. The level of caffeine in these other caffeinated beverages is about 3 times the amount in white tea. In simple terms, White tea can provide an energetic boost yet it is not addictive therefore it does not have any withdrawal symptoms.

In conclusion, it is indeed clear that white tea benefits are numerous and its preparation is also simple enough for anyone.

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