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Желтый чай - один из редчайших китайских чаев

One of the rarest teas in China is the Yellow Tea. This tea was only produced for Emperor's consumption during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The process of making Yellow Tea required a lot of skills and time. It was slightly different from other China's teas. Consequently, yellow tea was only harvested at the specific time of the year. Just like green tea, yellow tea has several health benefits. It has a high amount of antioxidants and helps in fighting the aging process. Today, yellow tea is available in designated online stores in China.

What is Yellow Tea and its History?

The name yellow tea is derived from the straw color of the tea. There is an additional step called sealing yellow that is unique in the yellow tea processing. Yellow tea is available in few places in China like in Meng Ding Shan and Huo Shan. It is speculated that yellow tea was first produced during the Qing Dynasty between 1644 and 1912. It was mainly grown for local consumption. The process of making yellow tea became more sophisticated, and only three kinds have survived till today. Yellow tea was later introduced in the United States of America in 1650 by Peter Stuyvesant in New York, formerly known as New Amsterdam. In 1904, yellow tea was made commercially available through the production of tea bags. Today, the name yellow tea has been retained in the market even though the processing technique differs from the traditional processing of the tea.

How rare is Yellow Tea?

Yellow tea is truly rare because of the sophisticated process of making it. Most processors have abandoned the traditional way of oxidizing the tea because it has become expensive and time-consuming. Green tea has become more popular than yellow tea because it has a simpler process. However, the tea is still available in China because it is grown in Meng Ding Shan and Huo Shan (Huo Shan Huang Ya). Since the yellow tea is rare, you need to purchase it with care. Poor quality tea is usually sold in the name of 'yellow tea.' It is highly advisable to buy this product from reputable stores that have tea farms in China.

Yellow Tea making Process

One of the reasons yellow tea has become rare is because the making process is time-consuming. Here is a general process of making yellow tea. The harvested tea leaves are first dried by using the sun or other technologies. The Yin Zhen flavor is usually covered with a thick paper while drying. Yin Shen is usually stored in wooden boxes. These two are dried interchangeably as the leaves are re-wrapped and allowed to cool as they slowly oxidize. This process is recurrent for three days, and then the leaves are roasted. According to this process, the survival of the majority of the leaves is at risk because of the long manufacturing process. However, the end product has valuable health benefits, and that is why locals are still producing yellow tea.

Health Benefits of Yellow Tea

· Weight Loss Benefit

Yellow promotes weight loss because it quickens metabolism and fat burning process in the body.it has catechins and polyphenols that quicken burn of calories. Therefore, if you wish to witness weight loss within months, yellow tea is the better option.

· Promotes a healthy Liver

This beverage helps in the treatment process of hepatitis among other liver infections. Polyphenols and catechins prevent liver inflammation. Yellow tea is a suitable home remedy for treating hepatitis. 

· Treats Bowel Disorders

Yellow tea heals the high frequency of washroom. It reduces urinary inflammation caused by Crohn's and ulcerative colitis disease.

· Prevents Diabetes

Green and yellow are used to control blood sugar levels. Yellow tea has the potential of preventing type 1 – diabetes. Including this beverage in your daily routine reduces diabetes risk.

· Can Treat Atherosclerosis

Yellow tea cures joint pains and disorders. It has high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols which prevent artery disease and atherosclerosis. 

· Controls Cholesterol Levels

It reduces the bad cholesterol, LDL in the body by increasing HDL which is the good cholesterol. People who drank green tea or yellow tea has lower levels of bad cholesterol as compared to those who did not.

· It is an anti-carcinogenic

It has the potential to fight cancer in our bodies. Cancer rates in countries with high intake of yellow cancer are fewer than those countries with lower intake of this beverage. Polyphenols have, and antioxidants components destroy cancerous cells in the body. 

In addition to these health benefits, yellow tea has anti-aging properties, increases appetite, promotes mental agility, encourages stronger teeth and bones, lowers risks of a brain stroke, and promotes life longevity. It is important to consider replacing regular tea with yellow tea.

Yellow Tea vs Green Tea

The manufacturing process of green tea is similar to yellow tea. Also, they both have slightly different health benefits. The main difference between these two is in the manufacturing process. Yellow tea is usually allowed to oxidize longer than green tea. Yellow tea leaves are slowly dried for longer that leads to the yellow color appearance. The harvest season of yellow tea comes early in the year as compared to green tea.

How to Brew Yellow Tea

· Fill a teapot with 6 ounces of water and boil it.

· Measure 2 or 3 grams of leafs.

· Put the leaves in the boiled water and cover it for 2 or 3 minutes.

· Sieve the leaves and serve hot.

· The leaves can always be brewed 2-3 times depending on the flavor preference.

Where to buy Chinese Yellow Tea

Chinese yellow tea is still challenging to get outside of China. You need to be careful while purchasing so that you can get the original flavor. The majority of the online stores do not have the yellow tea because it is a rare product. One of the top places to buy Chinese yellow tea is at JK Tea Shop in China.



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