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Chinese Yunnan Black Tea

yunnan black tea

Yunnan Black Tea is found in Yunnan province that is located in the extreme southwest region of china, it is a kind of black tea, where the Lancang Jiang completes its journey through the historic Yunnan tea growing region. As one sips that Yunnan black tea, it is easy to imagine the great Mekong river as it winds its way through the south from the Tibetan plateau crossing through the tea mountains that are home to Pu-erh tea. Yunnan Black Tea comes in different shapes from large leaves to the golden buds that are twisted into long and distinctive needle shapes. When fully oxidized, the beautiful Yunnan Black Tea buds turn into gold instead of black producing rich, smooth flavored tea. The tea has been described as extremely deliciously rich and malty entailing lingering notes of honey and chocolate. The Yunnan Black Tea has a tendency to evoke a peppery sweetness.

Yunnan Black Tea Benefits

Caffeine Level

The  Yunnan Black Tea is fully oxidized and is the most popular tea in the western world. The caffeine content in this tea ranges from 40-60 milligrams of caffeine in every 8 OZ cup.  Tea stores have specialized in the sale of Yunnan black Tea in addition to offering the tea in other forms as mixed with mil, all dependent on the consumer preferences. Further, the fact that Yunnan black Tea does not contain any calories increases the yunnan black tea benefits it is vital as a weight loss remedy. The main types of Yunnan black Tea include the Yunnan toucha, Broken Yunnan, Yunnan Gold, Yunnan Pure Gold and the Golden needle.

Health Benefits of  Yunnan black tea are based on the fact that while the folk medicine embraced the use of Yunnan Black Tea as a treatment for an assortment of complaints and conditions, the scientific community has just started to examine the claims. Tea collectors assert that Yunnan Black Tea is improves with age as well as fermentation and that they are willing to pay high prices when aged Yunnan Black Tea is being auctioned.

Cholesterol Reduction

Further yunnan black tea benefits include the fact that the tea, which is also referred to as Pu-er tea is has been used as a folk remedy in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years. Some of the research conducted in France as indicates the tea has the ability to reduce blood cholesterol. There has not been any scientific evidence of humans, thus it is imperative that one checks with the healthcare professional before using tea in reducing cholesterol.

As A Weight Loss Remedy

Yunnan black tea are promoted by the by the high chemical compounds that can dissolve fats in during food digestion. The pu’er tea is considered favorite among the women who are trying to lose weight. Yunnan toucha Tea is additionally been studied by French nutritionists for its ability to reduce fat lipids as well as aids in weight loss. Preliminary evidence indicates that tea from Yunnan province has the capability to counter some of the effects of a fatty meal and further promote digestion. It is however advised that you consult your physician on the daily number of cups of Yunnan Tea are effective in weight loss.

Fighting Nausea

Yunnan black tea are founded on the fermented and dried before they are packed, with this process occasionally taking many years.  It is believed that the unique fermentation process used in the case of Yunnan Tea releases potent compounds that make it very effective in the case of fighting against nausea and dysentery. Majority of Chinese travellers normally carry Yunnan Tea to counter the effects of strange foods as well as contaminated water. Yunnan Tea has been used for many years as a folk medicine in treating nausea.

Protection of the Heart

Yunnan black Tea has been found to contain superior amounts of flavorine which has the capability to protect the heart and its vessels. It is aids in easing the effects of too much fat in the blood that end up lowering heart pressure which results in cerebral infarction along with poor blood flow. Thus regular drinking of Yunnan black Tea protects the heart from cases of cardiovascular disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

The polyphenoids that is found in Yunnan black Tea is vital in the reduction of inflammations and infections. The golden leaves in Yunnan black Tea are also used in some parts of china to coat wounds. It is additionally consumed in instances that involve food poisoning.

Other yunnan black tea benefits include the fact that it assists in protecting the bones. Polyphenols which is found in Yunnan black Tea restrains the active matters that end up harming the bone cells.

Yunnan Black Tea in blended in most tea store and is composed of neat, tippy, wiry and well-made leaves. The tea is characterized by its color, shape, aroma and the malty taste which when cooked produces a reddish cup that has a brisk, fragrant aroma. Yunnan Black Tea has also been established for its significant health benefits that range from aiding in weight loss, reducing cholesterol to strengthening the heart and bones. Overall, consumption of Yunnan Black Tea serves to improve one’s health and life.



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