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  • Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, 50g

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Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, 50g


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    This Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is scented naturally with the fresh jasmine flower for 5 times at least; that is why its jasmine aroma is persistent and exists after many times of repeated infusion; its aroma is mixed with pleasing, charming jasmine flavor, and its taste is sweet & soft; The whole mouth is rich in jasmine aroma & sweetness.

    White tea is famous for its anti-cancer health benefits, which has been widely recognized by many medical research institutes. In Chinese traditional medicine, white tea is commonly used as to cool your body heat, detoxicate interior body toxins and others.


    All of our white tea is stored in the freezer, so it can maintain its super freshness when they are delivered to our clients.

    P.S, all of our jasmine flower meets the European herbs standard.

    Tea tree: Da Bai Hao tea bush from Fuding, Fujian Province

     Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle Tea
     Fuding, Fujian Province
      Harvest time:  2017 spring
      Picking standard:
     One bud
      Dried tea color:  Shiny silver color
      Shape:  Tight, fat needle shape full of silver hair
     Fresh & pleasing jasmine flavor
     Natural & smooth jasmine & tea sweetness mixed taste
      Tea soup color:

     Lightly shiny yellow