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  • Tan Yang Gong Fu Tea / Kung Fu Tea

    Do you confess to be a tea lover? Most tea lovers enjoy green tea, chamomile, jasmine and other fruit-flavored infused tea. However, have you tried Tan Yang Kung Fu Tea? If yes, you will surely agree that this tea is one of the best black tea imported from China. If not yet, you must go ahead and take a sip of this energizing kung fu tea.
  • Chinese Kung Fu Tea

    Kung Fu tea (sometimes called Gong Fu tea) makes tea his given name, the name given to the traditional Chinese way of doing this tea, not the kind of tea. All day tea is the method used when talking about "traditional Chinese tea ceremony" and very important for the quality and variety of instruments used by itself 'celebrated' with the quality of the tea itself. It is the way to work!
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