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Tan Yang Gong Fu Tea / Kung Fu Tea

Do you confess to be a tea lover? Most tea lovers enjoy green tea, chamomile, jasmine and other fruit-flavored infused tea. However, have you tried Tan Yang Kung Fu Tea? If yes, you will surely agree that this tea is one of the best black tea imported from China. If not yet, you must go ahead and take a sip of this energizing kung fu tea.


What is Tan Yang Kung Fu Tea?

The origin of tea leaves is part and parcel a defining factor of the taste and flavor of tea. This is especially true for Tan Yang Kung Fu tea. Its leaves originate from Fuan City, China. This subtropical region is surrounded by mountains and sea. The area is perfect for growing tea due to its humid, misty and warm weather. The soil composition in the area is rich with thick, humus-riched, red and yellow earths. These elements combine to produce the perfect concoction for tea leaves. Its no wonder why Chinese herbal teas are famous around the world. While other countries also produce and export tea leaves, the unique characteristics of the provinces in China, particularly Fuan, is the reason behind the bold, flavorful and undeniably earthy taste of kung fu tea.


Tan Yang Kung Fu tea is also known as Tan Yang Gong Fu tea. It got its name from the special process of gathering, fermenting and brewing of the tea. Gong Fuimplies that preparing tea requires, time, style and effort to achieve the best taste. It was popularized during the Tang Dynasty. The royal family enjoyed drinking this famous tea because of the unique and special brewing process in order to get the best flavor out of the tea leaves. Kung fu tea goes through a lot stages before it can be brewed and served. As a result, it became one of the most cherished tea in China and a tea fit to serve an emperor.


Taste of Tan Yang Kung Fu Tea

Dried leaves of Tan Yang Kung Fu tea has a bloom with red tippy, golden buds color. The shape of the leaves resemble a light-curly stick. When infused, the aroma of the tea is brisk, reminiscent of fresh honey and flowers. Its taste is fresh, rich and bold with a light honey taste. The teas soup color has a bright, orange-red color with high transparency and a golden ring in it. Its perfect for afternoon tea, special events and early morning hot drink.


How to brew Tan Yang Kung Fu Tea

Again, the name gong fuimplies making tea with skill. Therefore, brewing Tan Yan Kung Fu tea is not something done on a whim. It requires the use of proper tools as well as a certain style, reminding one of the ancient tea ceremonies. During those times, women took time and effort to learn the art of making tea. It was a required skill before marriage. In the center of this tea ceremony, the kung fu tea is the preferred drink.


Just how meticulous is the preparation for this tea ceremony? Here are the list of tools needed for brewing Tan Yang Gong Fu tea:

brewing vessel, Yixing teapot

tea pitcher

hot water kettle

brewing tray, or a deep, flat bottom porcelain plate

tea towel or tea cloth, usually dark-colored

tea spoon (tea pick) for clearing the teapot spout

tea cups


strainer, a tea strainer

tea holder


To brew, here are the steps for a successful brewing process:

1. Warm-up the vessels. Make sure to use only clean filtered water. Dirty tap water can affect the taste of the tea. Pour hot water in the Yixing teapot.

2. Smell dried tea fragrance. This is an important step to appreciate the unique aroma of the tea leaves. Put the leaves in the pot. Cover the lid and shake the pot gently for 3 seconds. Lift the lid and enjoy the aroma.

3. Pour the first brew in the cups but do not drink. Refill with fresh hot water, let it steep for 20 to 50 seconds before pouring the rinse tea.


Benefits of Tan Yang Gong Fu tea

Tan Yang Kung Fu teas are loaded with essential health benefits. Primarily, tea is hailed for its antioxidants which help prevent certain kinds of cancer, aging and promote positive emotions. People who are on a diet can enjoy drinking kung fu tea because it promotes fast metabolism. It contains less carbohydrate and sodium compared to other hot drinks like coffee and chocolate. Drinking kung fu tea also helps reduce risk of heart-related problems.

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