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  • Chinese Red Porcelain Tea Filter/Strainer

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Chinese Red Porcelain Tea Filter/Strainer

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    Tea Filter - Chinese Traditinal Red Porcelain Tea Strainer

    Very unique Chinese red porcelain tea filter/strainer. 

    It is very hard to produce this red porcelain wares, as it requires very high techiques in handling the kiln unstable effects. The percentage of finished products of red wares is only 10-20%. It requires to be fired in the kiln four times in order to get the complete, shiny red glaze attached to the porcelain. The fine, super tiny hole, food-grade mesh is tied up around the strainer. Able to strain extremely tiny tea leaves, so that you can sip a good cup of tea, without the bother of any tea leaves. 

    It contains two parts. One is the strainer, another is the strainer stand.

    G.W: 290g/pc

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