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  • Matcha Whisk Chasen-50 Prongs Tea Whisk , Hand-made

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Matcha Whisk Chasen-50 Prongs Tea Whisk , Hand-made

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    Matcha Tea


    Tea Whisk - Made from Jin Bamboo

    Completely hand-made Chasen by skillful craftsman in Zhejiang province. 

    Made from Jin Bamboo(golden bamboo), unlike the other Bai bamboo(white bamboo), this tea whisk's fringes won't get twisted easily and is very durable to use.

    50 prongs Chasen is super good to make the frothy thin Matcha(Usucha) for Japanese tea ceremony or daily drink as well.

    The Japanese tea ceremony (chado, or sado, or chanoyu - "the way of tea") is a traditional ritual based on Taoism (Daoism) and influenced by Zen Buddhism in which powdered green tea, or matcha, is ceremonially prepared by a skilled practitioner and served to a small group of guests in a tranquil setting.



    Width of bamboo buttom: 2cm;  width of bamboo top: 4.2cm

    50 fringes(bristles)

    Tea Whisk Making process

    Tea Whisk Packing