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A Healthy Choice - Tie Guan Yin Tea



Tieguanyin tea, otherwise known as Iron Guanyin or Iron Goddess, is a premium variety of the famous Chinese oolong tea. The delicate oolong tea originates from Anxi County in the Fujian Province of China.


Tieguanyin tea has a rich history that goes all the way back to the 19th Century. It gets its name from the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The origin of its name is explained in two time-honored Chinese legends, one of which is known as the Wei Legend. 


This legend tells of how a humble farmer named Wei, who routinely passed by the abandoned temple of the Goddess of Mercy, decided to do something about its deplorable state despite lacking the proper tools to repair it fully. The legend says that the Goddess of Mercy later appeared in Wei's dream, telling him that a cave behind the temple hid treasures. The following day, Wei explored the cave and discovered the tea shoot which he would then nurture and from it, produce the finest tea in the land. Wei ultimately prospered from the tea, which he aptly named Tieguanyin, and was finally resourceful enough to complete restoring the neglected temple.

The second legend tells of a scholar named Wang who accidentally stumbled upon the tea under the Guanying rock and began cultivating it at home. He later presented it as a gift to the Qianlong Emperor who was thoroughly impressed by it and decided to name it after its place of origin.



 Tie Guan Yin


This premium variety of oolong tea is packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and amino acids. It is rich in vitamins, specifically vitamin C, and contains elements such as potassium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, manganese, fluorine, and calcium. The health benefits of Tieguanyin include:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

The semi-oxidized tea contains natural immunity-boosting antioxidants in abundance. Antioxidants not only slow down the rate of cellular deterioration but are also believed to be important in cancer prevention and in maintaining heart health.

2. Supports bone development

Thanks to the high calcium levels in Tieguanyin tea, it is excellent for bone growth and development. Researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute have linked oolong tea-drinking with stronger, denser bones that are less prone to diseases such as osteoporosis.

3. Supports Anti-Fungal Medicines

A 2006 report published by the US Department of Agriculture showed that the catechins present in oolong tea work hand in hand with antifungal medicines to produce better results during the treatment of infections caused by Candida Albicans.

4. Improves Digestion

Oolong tea is good for soothing conditions such as acid reflux and stomach upsets, In the long run, drinking a cup of Tieguanyin tea at least once a day can drastically enhance your digestive process and boost your metabolism.

5. Supports Weight Loss

Tieguanyin tea improves digestion and consequently enhances the rate of metabolism in the body, which requires a faster metabolism to expel excess fats and wastes more efficiently.





Tieguanyin exists in several varieties, all of which differ mainly in the production method. Regardless of the method used, however, the tea retains the flowery aroma and the natural sweetness for which it is known. Traditionally, oxidizing the leaves by roasting them was the method used, resulting in a warm but less flowery and more complex essence. Jade Tieguanyin, a modern type of the oolong tea, is the lightest in color, the most aromatic, and the sweetest variety of the premium oolong tea. It is lightly roasted, and as such, it bears a close resemblance to green tea. Tieguanyin can also be processed using a moderate combination of the old and new techniques to produce tea that has both the exquisite aroma of the new variety and the complex taste of the traditional Tieguanyin tea.



Originally, Tieguanyin tea was the tea of the emperors and the wealthier members of the society due to its scarcity. Nowadays, the oolong tea is drunk by millions of people worldwide and is widely available on online stores such as JK Tea Shop.

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