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  • 2009 Dayi \"Jia Ji\" Raw Pu Er/Pu-erh Tuo (901 batch) 500g(100g/tuo)

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2009 Dayi "Jia Ji" Raw Pu Er/Pu-erh Tuo (901 batch) 500g(100g/tuo)

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    Type of tea: Raw Pu Er

    Vintage: 2009(901 batch)

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves tea bush

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    Tuocha Tea - 2009 Dayi Jia Ji Raw Pu Erh

    Jia Ji tuocha tea has two types, one is raw, another is ripe. Selecting the fine sun-withered Maocha in Menghai areas, this Jia Ji tuo cha enjoy high aromas, thick and mellow taste, but with some astrigency due to its tea bush reason. Good price tea, suitable for long term storage and investment.


    The longer it ages, the better aroma and taste the Jia Ji tuo cha will become.

    Storage method: Pls store all the Jia Ji tuo cha Pu Er tea in a dry & cool environment without any ordor. The best storage environment temperature is between 10-35 celsius degree; moisture degree is between 50-75 degree.


    Important tips: for brewing the comparatively new raw(green) Pu Er(within 5 years old), the temperature should not be too high; If too high, you will find the tea liquid is too astrigent and a little bitter as well. Recommended water temparature: 90-95 degrees to lower astrigency, bitterness and improve high aroma( provided the raw Pu Er bush tea is within 5 years old)