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Two of the Best Teas with Plenty to Offer

1. Description of Mi Ian Xiang & Huang Zhi Xiang

Mi Ian Xiang, also known as Phoenix Dancong, is a rare variety of tea from the rich Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province in China. Its tea trees, referred to as Dan Cong, are left unattended with no pesticide or fertilizer used on them. The result is the production of very few leaves. Harvest tea leaves when they are mature. It has an inviting aroma that is a perfect blend of almonds and orchids. Dan Cong oolong tea is the type of tea that you will thoroughly enjoy if you brew it properly.

Huang Zhi Xiang referred to as Yellow Sprig in English is a Dan Cong Wulong tea that has its origins in Chaozhou, located in the southern Guangdong Province of China. Chaozhou is near Phoenix Mountain that was cultivated for tea over 600 years ago. Legend has it that this mountain got its name from a young prince of the Song Dynasty. He was being pursued by Mongolians when he passed through this lush mountain. He was thirsty, and a bird dropped seeds and dried leaves into his hands. He chewed them and felt refreshed. He, therefore, declared the tea a treasure made known to him by the Phoenix bird.

Phoenix Mountain is large, with many different peaks within it. The largest peak, Wudong Mountain, is home to this fine tea. Tea lovers will enjoy its sweet soothing aroma and relaxing taste that gets better with each steep. Wu Dong Mountains provide tea bushes that produce Huang Zhi Xiang Dancong tea. Presently, few Wu Dong tea bushes are in existence.

2. How do they taste?

Phoenix Dan Cong oolong tea has a pleasant floral taste, like Gardenia Phoenix, that lingers on the tongue, giving you an aftertaste that leaves you desiring more. Whether you choose to take it as a hot tea or iced tea, this organic tea retains its attractive smooth taste. Huang Zhi Xiang Yellow Sprig also has a sweet taste, but it's more intense. Its taste heightens with each step. Once in the mouth, you get a sweet taste that changes to fruity when it gets to the back of the mouth. When you begin swallowing, there is a calming vegetal taste. Upon swallowing, you get an enduring creamy flavor with a smooth feel.

3. What are their health benefits?

Mi lan Xiang is not only sweet but nutritious as well. Some of its amazing health benefits are; it helps in weight loss when drunk as you exercise, it provides the body with energy to keep you going, it has caffeine that promotes mental alertness and maximum functioning. It is also appropriate for curing colds. Overall, it keeps you refreshed and hydrated every time you take it. Huang Zhi Xiang shares this benefits, but it also lowers cholesterol levels, aids in digestion when taken before and immediately after meals and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Both teas are ideal for reviving your youth no matter how old you may be.

4. Brewing tips

Preparing these teas isn't about trial and error. It involves great skill and expertise, what the Chinese refer to as gong fu cha. It includes using the right tools to prepare and take tea. Here is an effective brewing guide to brewing Mi lan Xiang tea. You will require a Yixing pot, loose leaf Mi Ian Xiang tea leaves, some water and a cup for tasting. First, pour a teaspoon of the leaves into your teapot and add some water that is not too hot, and allow to steep at a temperature of 195 degrees for 3-5 minutes. For steeping instructions; be careful not to over-steep to avoid bitter tea. The resulting liquor should have a moderate golden color with a sweet taste and apricot aroma. You could use the same tea leaves for up to 5 infusions.

For Huang Zhi Xiang, you will require a teapot or gaiwan, some Huang Zi Xiang tea leaves, water, and a tasting cup. Place a teaspoon of the leaves into your teapot and use some boiling water to rinse the leaves. Afterward, steep the leaves in water with a temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 minute. Add 10 seconds to each following infusion. When ready, it should have a light honey yellow color with a refreshing gardenia aroma. If you have friends over, you could enhance the presentation by serving it in a Cha Hai, on a tea tray with tasting cups. In order to enjoy both teas, you need to embrace the Cha Dao concept which requires you to relax and take them at a controlled pace.

5. Which one is better

Although both are nice, Mi Ian Xiang tea is better because it is easier to prepare and allows you to experiment until you achieve your desired flavor. In addition, it offers you the alternative of taking it as an iced tea which is effective on a hot day or a hot tea which works on a cold day.


6. How to identify

Mi Ian Xiang tea leaves are generally long, thick and flat, with a twisted appearance and a strong feature. They vary in color, but the most prominent color is a gray appearance. Huang Zi Xiang tea leaves are similarly long but they are large, open and slightly twisted. These Phoenix oolongs are sure to give you an enjoyable experience that you will cherish for a long time. For many informations, please visit jkteashop.

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