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  • Xian Zhi Green Tea - Organic-certified Jiangxi Wuyuan Imperial Green Tea, 50g

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Xian Zhi Green Tea - Organic-certified Jiangxi Wuyuan Imperial Green Tea, 50g

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    Name: Xian Zhi Green Tea - Organic-certified Jiangxi Wuyuan Imperial Green Tea

    Original: Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: One bud with one leaf

    Dried tea color: Light yellowish-green hue

    Aroma: Fresh & clean flower fragrance

    Taste: Super fresh, sweet, mellow, and high floral aroma


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    Organic-certified Xian Zhi Green Tea

    Spring is the harvest time for the high quality Xianzhi Green Tea that is grown organically in the cloudy heights of the mountains in Changxi Village in Wuyuan County, China. They are similar to the Xingyang Maojian Green Tea leaves in appearance but are far superior in terms of quality and aroma.Stirck picking standard of one bud with one leaf is maintained while picking and it's ensured that not a machine is used in processing this high quality green tea. The leaves are directly secured from the farmer and crafted to perfection by hand. Care can only craft the best green tea, and Jiangxi Wuyuan Imperial Xianzhi Green Tea guarantees the perfect care that the process needs. When you see the light yellowish-green hue of the dried leaves of this green tea you can be rest assured that your tea had been processed to perfection.


    Brewing the Perfect Cup

    The perfect cup of green tea is all about the balance in flavouors you can achieve and keeping the medicinal values of the tea intact. The aromatic chemicals and the anti-oxidants in green tea are very sensitive to temperature - expose it to high temperatures and they break down leaving the green tea useless. To get that delicate balance of flavours right, you need to have everything right from the temperature of the water to the steeping time. You must use 2-3 grams of the tea leaves for every 200 ml serving per infusion. Use less and your brew might end up weak and if you use more, it might turn out to be bitter and imbalanced. The water should be heated to the perfect temperature between 85°C (185 F) to 90°C (194 F). Use a thermometer and ensure that you got the right temperature.

    Best Time to Drink Green Tea

    Best time for the green drink is between meals, ideally 2 hours before or afger the meal to ensure that the green tea helps you absorb the necessary nutrients from your meal and also to make sure that the chemicals in your food doesn't neutralize the medicinal properties of the chemicals in the green tea. If you prefer a cup of green before you go to sleep, make certain that you have your cup at least 2 hours before your sleep to get that perfect, tranquil slumber.


    Knowing the Taste

    Your perfect cup of Xianzhi green tea will taste fresh from the high mountains, sweet and mellow. We wouldn't be surprised if you thought you had the fleeting feeling of the crisp mountain air. The Xianzhi green tea has a very fresh and clean floral aroma and a long, sweet aftertaste that makes you crave for more.

    Identifying the Xianzhi Green Tea

    The dried tea leaves will have a light yellowish-green hue and has a fresh floral aroma that's intoxicating. They are considerably more fragrant than other green teas out of China.

    Weight Loss & Xianzhi Green Tea

    In the cloudy heights of the mountains, the Xianzhi Green Tea grows up to be a potent metabolic booster. The lesser sunshine exposure gives it, its higher potency. Scientific studies have proved that drinking up to 5 cups a day can increase your metabolism and aide in weight loss. Combine green tea drinking habits with cardio exercises and you would experience accelerated weight loss. Greatest nature's gift for weight loss