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  • Bai Mu Dan White tea - 2013 Spring Imperial Aged White Peony White Tea(4 years old), 50g

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Bai Mu Dan White tea - 2013 Spring Imperial Aged White Peony White Tea(4 years old), 50g

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    Naturally 4 years aged Bai Mu Dan(white peony white tea), it enjoys super mellow, soft and sweet taste without any bitterness. 

    Name: Imperial Aged White Peony Tea   

    Original: Fuding, Fujian Province   

    Harvest time: 2013 spring   

    Picking standard: One bud with one or two leaves   

    Dried tea color: Silver bud with slightly dark green leaves color   

    Shape: Plump bud with tea leaves   

    Aroma: Fresh & clean flower fragrance   

    Taste: Fresh, sweet, mellow, unique floral taste   

    Tea soup color: Light bright apricot

    Certificate of Analysis by Eurofins: (No.: AR-13-SU-004307-01)

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    White Peony Tea - 2013 Imperial Aged White Tea

    white peony tea


    White peony tea is a slightly fermented white tea and the second grade of white tea after Silver Needle white tea. The reason it is called peony is that after brewing, the elegant shape of one bud with green leaves resembles a newly-open peony bud. White Peony was created during 1922 in Jishui, Jianyang city in Fujian; later, Fuding & Zhenghe started to produce White peony and become the main production areas. 4 years old white peony tea, its taste is extremely mellow, thick and sweetness without any astringency. Good, smooth tea for the afternoon tea. Tea tree: Da Bai Hao tea bush from Fuding, Fujian Province


    History and background

    White peony tea has been around for eons, and it has been reported that the first variety emerged in the Northern Song dynasty in China during the years 960-1127. It was also during this time the first paper money and gunpowder were produced, so it would be no one's surprise to know that white tea is one of the more infamous types of drinks in the market.

    Usually harvested during spring time, white tea leaves are taken when they are still at a very young age. They are then carefully processed for drying and fermenting, and it is said that only the most experienced tea farmers can properly age the tea to produce the best quality. The Peony White tea is one of the most distinct leaves that give out the best flavours, and it may have acquired its name due to the fact that once it has been brewed, the elegant shape of one bud with green leaves highly resembles a newly-opened peony bud. The earlier the harvest time and the later the brewing point for these aged leaves, the better the taste they would produce.


    Aged White Peony tea is thick and sweet, and is mostly suited for afternoon delights that can further help anyone relax and get through the rest of the day. This drink is very floral and refreshing, and add this to the subtle earthly aftertaste, this is definitely a treat.

    Beneficial for thoese who want to lose weight

    Based on research, drinking white peony tea prevents the build-up of fat cell formation in the body. Plus, as tea usually creates the sense of being full once ingested, it allows the individual to think that there is no more need to take in additional food or drinks which only increase the amount of calories being stored in the body.

    Nutritional contents

    In the early days, aged white peony teas are considered as traditional medicines for fever and sore throat, but while the same methods can still be used today, it can be noted that as aged white peony teas contain more polyphenols than other tea types, they have a higher amount of antioxidants in their leaves. This allows unwanted toxins to be easily flushed from the body. Also, white tea leaves have anti-aging properties that help promote a faster reuvenation in cells and in our skin, so a youthful glow as an after-effect is common. Aside from reducing the risks of aliments from oral cavities to cancer, these distinct aged leaves also help manage diabetes and boost one's immune system.

    Brewing instructions

    Ideally, 2 to 3 teaspoons of loose white peony tea leaves can be infused in an 8 oz of hot water. The strength of the tea may depend of the preference of the drinker, but for a richer aroma and taste, the normal brewing time of 2 minutes can be extended up to 4, and one has to make sure that the water remperature does not go beyond the boiling point as te may only burn the leaves and remove the nutrients found in this tea type.