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Health Benefits of White Tea


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White tea refers to the style of tea that generally features young or minimally processed leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. Made from immature tea leaves and buds picked just before the buds open fully, white tea is not rolled or oxidized or subjected to additional processing. The result is a flavor commonly referred to as lighter as compared to other teas styles like green or black. White tea is pale yellow in color and primarily harvested in China although recently the same is harvested in Northern Thailand, Taiwan, Eastern Nepal and India.


1. Aid in weight loss

White tea benefits are broad but I will break them down and discuss them for ease of understanding. The first of the white tea benefits is its ability to aid in weight loss. White tea benefits is that it is less processed as compared to its counter parts, hence retains more of the antioxidants that are useful in burning down the existing fat cells and preventing the formation of new ones. This being the major of the white tea benefits,it is important since it deals with one of the biggest world problem; obesity, because of its antiangiogenic properties.


2. Aid in the treatment of cancer

The second of the white tea benefits is its aid in the treatment of cancer. The nature of its processing retains in higher quantities polyphenols and antioxidants rich in cancer fighting compounds. On top of inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer, white tea when used with other sun protection methods helps in preventing the damage of skin cells. The second of white tea benefits is specifically top notch because on top of destroying cancerous cells, it protects the healthy cells from DNA damage.


3. Treatment of diabetes

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Another of the white tea benefits is that it is useful in the treatment of diabetes. Diabetes is another problem and is faced by quite a number of the world population. Thanks to the catechins in white tea, type 2 diabetes is now preventable and treatable in natural and economical processes. White tea benefits number three helps deal with the adverse effects of diabetes on the brain and also the male reproductive system.


4. Enhancement of energy and alertness

The amino acids contained in the white tea have been proven to calm the mind and boost alertness. This is because white tea contains less caffeine hence a hydrating effect. This sustains energy levels and lowers anxiety and in the long run it reduces tiredness and improves memory and reaction time. Of the white tea benefits, this helps in elevating the mood and the result is a happy and alert effect on the user.


5. Promotes hair and skin health and reduces inflammation

White tea has anti inflammatory effects that aid in treatments of conditions like colds and flu and related ailments. It also helps to fight bacteria and viruses in the environment that cause allergic reactions. The antioxidants in white tea also help in treating conditions like hair fall due to its immense support for hair cells hence promotes hair growth in humans and to a further extent inhibits dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy. Due to its high phenol content, white tea benefits help in treating skin infections and strengthening the skin hence preventing wrinkles and conditions like acne. 

6. Helps in keeping fit the major body organs

Its contents prevent renal failure and treat kidney stones. Because it lowers cholesterol levels, it lowers blood pressure as well and promotes the well functioning of blood vessels hence minimal cases of cardiovascular diseases and heart conditions. Of the white tea benefits, this improves oral health by preventing bacteria causing germs and inhibiting growth of cavities.


7. Helps in digestion related discomfort

These include conditions like indigestion, heartburn, stomach cramps, and nausea among others. Further, this white tea benefits has been used to facilitate healthy detoxification to boost metabolism. We know well the results of good metabolism as this includes revitalization of the skin and prevention of premature aging.


White tea benefits are broad and touch on our day to day activities. White tea benefits can all be realized considering that the white tea has zero calories provided that we do not add any artificial sweeteners. Besides, when compared to its counter parts like the black and green teas, white tea has a great taste commonly described as smooth, gentle and slightly sweeter hence we can gulp a whole cup without having to necessarily sweeten it. It is therefore advisable that we have a cup or two of this amazing tea every day so as to enjoy the many blessings oozing from the cup.

We couldntenjoy so much health and healing from a single cup. Enjoy one today!


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