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  • Wu Long Cha - Imperial Xing Ren Xiang (Almond Aroma) Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea, 50g

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Wu Long Cha - Imperial Xing Ren Xiang (Almond Aroma) Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea, 50g

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    Name: Wu Long Cha - Imperial Xing Ren Xiang Dancong

    Original: Gonghou village, Mt. Wudong, Chaozhou, Guangdong province

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves

    Dried tea color: Bloom dark green with light brown hue

    Shape: Tight, thin, lightly-twisted stick shape tea leaves

    Aroma: Natural almond aroma

    Taste: Freshness, mellow, delicate almond taste with complex mouth feeling

    Tea soup color: Bright golden yellow color with super transparency

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    Wu Long Cha - Xing Ren Xiang Phoenix Dancong Tea

    Our Wu Long Cha called Xing Ren Xiang Dancong (almond aroma), is made by Lin Songzhu, the famous skillful tea farmer in Gonghou village, Mt Wudong; carefully-selected the Ju Duo Zhai old trees with age around 80 years old in his tea plantation, plus his nights of stay-up & skillful making techniques & Zuoqing, our wu long cha embodies full, rich, deep natural almond aroma & taste, with ligh honey mixed with strong almond taste in the mouth; complex mouth feeling after sipping the tea liquid and deep throat feeling. The higher altitude the tea trees grow in the mountain, the smaller & thinner wu long cha leaves; so that is why our wu long cha dry leaves is tight, thin; besides, due to high mountain tea leaves and skillful making techniques, after several times brewing by Gaiwan, the tea leaves are still quite twisted and not open yet, which is another good character of high mountain tea plus skillful making technique. All of our light-roasted wu long cha is stored in the freezer. It will maintain super freshness when hand it to you. Tea variety: 80 years old Ju Duo Zai tea tree (one main tea tree variety to make almond aroma)


    Not only does our wu long cha boast of its good taste and sweet smell, but it also stands as a potent source of nutrition that provides important mineral nourishment to the body alongside calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C and K. In addition to the obvious relaxing effect our wu long cha produces in your body, it is proven scientifically that our tea helps those with weight gain problem caused by very slow metabolism, and helps relieve stress and anxiety.