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  • 2008 Xiaguan \"Da Li\" Raw Pu Er/Pu-erh Tuo-100g/tuo

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2008 Xiaguan "Da Li" Raw Pu Er/Pu-erh Tuo-100g/tuo

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    Type of tea: Raw Pu Er 

    Vintage: 2008

    Composition: Yunnan big  leaves tea bush

    N.W: 100g/tuo; G.W: 180g/tuo

    Producer: Xiaguan Tea Factor

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    Yunnan Village Tea - 2008 Xiaguan Da Li Raw Pu Er Tuo Cha

    Yunnan Village Tea - Da Li Tuo Cha was first produced between 1984 and 1985. At that time, since the Yunnan provincial tea factory had excessive spring Maocha available, thereby, it entrusted Xiaguan tea factory to OEM the tea in two batches and named it as the Da Li Tuo Cha.


    Since the Xiaguan tea factory was changed into an incorpated company from a state-owned tea company in 2004. Da Li Tuo Cha re-starts to produce again.


    This Yunnan Village tea is adopted the spring Maocha of Dali areas, which is famous for its light smoky fragrance. You will feel the fast, full body of sweetness after sip the teas.


    Important brewing tips: Dont use boiling water to brew the new raw Pu Er tea, otherwise, it will be comparatively bitter and astrigent. For better drinking the tea if brewing it now, using the 90 degree water and the tea soup will be less astrigent and more aroma and sweeter.


    All of our Yunnan Village Tea is stored in dry & cool environment, with very pleasing and charming aged aroma & taste. Thick & dense taste with good after taste sweetness.